Hoagie & Spooky Hoagie lives in a secret location near the garden of Spooky the Ninja Cat at the home of Marina and David in a small Dutch village of the Netherlands. Only Spooky knows of Hoagie’s secret location and she won’t tell anyone no matter how much fish you offer her.

One evening, Spooky noticed Hoagie was in the garden searching for food and they came close to sniff each other’s nose. They have been friends since.

As the sun goes down at the end of a day Spooky watches for Hoagie to show up. If Spooky is not outside she will sit on the window sill and wait to see if Hoagie visits for a snack that Marina or David often put out in the garden.

Spooky has the name “Ninja Cat” because she can stand on her hind feet while swinging her paws to scare off garden intruders. According to Spooky, the name “Hoagie” is because the Hedgehog said it was his name.


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