Hedgehog Love

Will there be babies?

A 3 month old Hedgehog baby was spotted in garden during day. Has not been seen again nor have we seen any others. Most likely they are now hibernating.

July 12th:
This is the time of the year, between the months of July and October, hedgehogs have 3 to 6 babies so we are waiting and watching to see if any little ones show up.

Aug 1st:
We thought we had previously seen a third Hedgehog. Tonight it was confirmed when he showed up along with Mrs. Hedgehog. After eating he proceeded to dance and push the Mrs. around like a hockey puck.

Aug 12th:
No sign of Hedgehog babies, yet.

Aug 20th:
Total of 5 Hedgehogs seen in the garden.
No sign of Hedgehog babies, yet.

Hedgehog #3
Hedgehog #3