Hello Bird, eat your dinner

Hello Koolmees bird eat your dinner and let it tasts you well. These fat blocks are excellent, you just put them in a small holder where the bird easy can eat from. The bird feet cling at the holder and so they can eat from all different spots. The blocks are not expensive and are eaten untill the last bit.

These fat blocks are also important as nutrition factor, suet blocks are available in many different compositions. The bird will be stronger by eating the energy and fat and beside that it is good for their feathers. The blocks can be given whole year round because during the breeding season the extra nutrition is welcome. For the summer there are special no melt suet cakes. And you can also decide to make them self.
Use a cup of suet, cup of chunky unsalted peanuts, three cups of good corn meal and a half a cup of flour. Than add as you wish dried fruits, birdseeds, insects and chunks of unsalted nuts. The birds will be thankful for this wonderful treat.