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  • New Birds Spotted: Keep, Kramsvogel
  • Snow and very cold weather arrived. With it most of the bird families (mother, father, and children) showed up to stay a couple days until some warmer weather returns. We were prepared with lots of birdseed and other goodies. We did not expect their whole families to show up and never have we seen more than 4 merels in the garden at a time in the past. There were 15 merels (mostly male) and possibly a couple more missed in the count.


  • A 3 month old Hedgehog baby was spotted in garden during the day. It has not been seen again nor have we seen any others. Most likely they are now hibernating.
  • Mr. Merel and the Robin have been away most of the summer. The Robin has returned to the garden for the winter. Mr. Merel has also returned and made all kinds of noise and song to let everyone know he was back.
    Mrs. Merel had been around all summer waiting for Mr. Merels return. They have already begun to scout around for a new spot to make a nest.

  • The word has gotten out there are snacks in our garden. Now it’s a total of 5 different Hedgehogs seen in the garden. No babies spotted yet.
  • The second set of Merels have 2 new babies. The father often does the feeding but is off somewhere working on changing his feathers. The babies are old enough to fly a short distance and the mother is feeding them as she tries to teach them to eat the food we put out. Merel babies #7 & #8
  • We haven’t seen Hoagie for about 2 weeks but another Hedgehog has shown up making it a total of 4. Hoagie has a grey color and the other 3 Hedgehogs have a brown color. The 3 brown ones usually show up at the same time at sunset. It’s possible Hoagie has changed his schedule and shows up later in the middle of the night when we are asleep.
  • We thought we had previously seen a third Hedgehog. Tonight it was confirmed when he showed up along with Mrs. Hedgehog. After eating he proceeded to dance and push the Mrs. around like a hockey puck.

  • Apparently the baby boom of birds has not completely ended. We have two sets (Mr. & Mrs.) of Merels that are again busy picking up food from the bird feeder to feed babies.
  • Will there be Hedgehog babies?
    This is the time of the year, between the months of July and October, hedgehogs have 3 to 6 babies so we are waiting and watching to see if any little ones show up.
  • The baby boom of birds seems to have ended now. A few babies of the different bird species hang around but most have gone off to the the nearby orchards to help with insect control.
  • We spotted 3 young Hummingbird Hawk Moths that occasionally visit mid afternoon or sunset.
    Last year it was just Speedy the Hummingbird Hawk Moth.

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