What do Hedgehogs eat?

We figured that a Hedgehog eats insects and snails since they seemed to disappear from the garden. A little research on the internet showed us that this is true. But what food do we have that we can share with them? Using cat food was not an option since we didn’t want Spooky or other cats eating the food.

As a test we put out a plate with peanuts, green beans, potato slices, and strawberries from the garden. To our surprise, Hoagie only ate the peanuts, which besides being tasty, have lots of protein and fat that a hedgehog needs. Peanuts are not a balanced diet so we found special hedgehog food at a local farm store. The price was very reasonable and it also had some very small pieces of peanuts mixed in. Spooky was interested but quickly learned she was not to eat Hoagies food.

Hoagie still eats insects and snails and the food we leave out in small portions helps him to be healthy. After two weeks there was a noticeable difference in Hoagies movement through the garden. Hoagie used to walk slowly through the garden. Now he quickly walks through, almost running, and seems happier and full of energy.

hoagie hedgehog